We are Australia’s leading manufacturers of butchers ingredients and butchers supplies. Blended in Brisbane from the finest ingredients, our proprietary Denco and client-specific blends are the finest Australia has to offer.

We are leaders in butcher ingredient blending manufacture

Everything you need for your business including marinades, sprinkles, spices, glazes, dry flavours, coatings, sausage meals, burger mixes, stuffing mixes, small goods blends, cures, cleaning products, knives, packaging, plus a whole lot more.

We create custom flavours and blends that your customers will love

Our expert knowledge and experience can help your create a custom blend all your own. We produce on-site in Brisbane, ensuring fast turn-around so your star products are always in stock.

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Denco provides a fast and reliable service

Our extensive and adaptable supply chain, combined with our Brisbane manufacturing site, ensures that you will never be without the products you rely on every day.