Denco 4X4 Ham Extender (3.75Kg)

CODE: 120230 WEIGHT: 3.75 kg

An unseasoned complete premix for the manufacture of cooked formed meat products with binder, stabilizer and colour developer in powder form.


For blended product: Use at 6% of finished product. Or 30 kg Lean Pork, 1.25 kg Salt, 3.75 kg Ham Extender, 16 kg Iced Water.


For injected product: 70% pump - brine makeup: 4x4 Extender 15.53 kg, Salt 3.42 kg, Water 45 kg 80% pump - brine makeup: 4x4 Extender 13.96 kg, Salt 3.7 kg, Water 45 kg 90% pump - brine makeup: 4x4 Extender 12.8 kg, Salt 2.82 kg, Water 45 kg 100% pump - brine makeup: 4x4 Extender 11.9 kg, Salt 2.62 kg, Water 45 kg


This product is made on the same equipment that also produces products containing allergens listed in the FSANZ Standard 1.2.3.

Full specification sheet available on request.

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