Nuremberg Bratwurst (GF) (1Kg)

CODE: 1411088 WEIGHT: 1 kg

A stand out sausage sensation. Traditional European style sausage with the subtle flavours of marjoram and nutmeg leave your mouth wanting more. Works perfectly with the sweet flavour of pork creating a clean, distinctive character of its own.


Mince meat to required texture. Mix premix and water to form slurry. Mix meat & slurry together. Mince again.


Lean Pork 2 kg, Pork Fat 8 kg, Meal 1 kg, Iced Water 5 kg, Total 34 kg


This product contains sulphites. This product is made on the same equipment that also produces products containing allergens listed in the FSANZ Standard 1.2.3. *Gluten Free when prepared as directed

Full specification sheet available on request.

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