Roast Peanut Satay Dry Flavour (8Kg)

CODE: 1329062 WEIGHT: 8 kg

An exquisite combination of crunchy roasted peanuts, creamy coconut and selected Malaysian spices adds an exotic flavour to chicken kebabs. A complete seasoning, with nothing to add, this spice mix can be sprinkled directly onto the cut of meat, or turned into a velvety sauce or marinade by simply adding water.


For best results sprinkle liberally onto both sides of product and press into product. Alternatively, slowly add enough water to 100gm of mix to form a thick sauce, pour over 1kg of meat and marinate or tumble.


This product contains gluten, milk and peanuts. This product is made on the same equipment that also produces products containing allergens listed in the FSANZ Standard 1.2.3.

Full specification sheet available on request.

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